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We cover a whole range of services related to vehicle keys and locks for a wide range of vehicle makes and models – you name it, we are likely to cover it!

When things go wrong with your keys or locks, taking your vehicle to the dealer for repair or replacement, can be very costly and time-consuming and sometimes requires the vehicle to be recovered.

With a fully mobile service, we come to you at your home, workplace or on the roadside to provide you with any of the below services in a timely manner and at a much lower price. We service across Staffordshire including Stafford, South Staffordshire, East Staffordshire (ST16, ST17, ST18), Uttoxeter, Bramshall, Stramshall (ST14) and Cannock, Norton Canes, Hatherton (WS11). This will reduce downtime for your vehicle and also prevent the cost of recovering your vehicle to your nearest dealer.

In short, we offer high-quality services for reasonable prices. For further advice please give us a call or reach out to us on social media.

What we provide

Providing Spare Car Keys

Stafford, Cannock, Uttoxeter

We provide affordable spare car keys quickly and efficiently with our fully equipped mobile service. There are many reasons why you may want to have a spare set of keys for your vehicle, including multiple drivers on company vehicles, backups in case of lost or stolen keys and more.

Having a spare key for your vehicle will give you security knowing that you have a backup. We recommend placing spare vehicle keys somewhere secure such as a combination lock box.

Whether it’s a remote or non-remote vehicle key, we can produce spare keys for almost any make or model of vehicle you have such as Ford, Peugeot, Volvo, Citroen, Renault, Fiat, Hyundai, Seat, Nissan, and many more.


Stafford, Cannock, Uttoxeter

It’s incredibly stressful when the unfortunate happens and you discover that your vehicle keys have either been misplaced, lost, stolen or damaged. There is no need to panic if and when this happens, just give us a call at 07862 141666. At Automotive Locksmith Solutions Ltd, we provide a full service quickly and efficiently, bringing our mobile locksmith equipment to you, whether you’re at home, work or away.

If you lose the key to your vehicle, we can gain damage-free entry and provide you with a new key without the need to replace the locks. Should your keys be stolen, we have a few options that we can offer. For example, we can remove the stolen key from your vehicle’s memory, meaning the stolen key cannot be used to drive your vehicle any longer, giving you peace of mind. Make sure to check your vehicle insurance documents as you may be able to claim the cost of your replacement vehicle keys, depending on the type of cover you have.

If your key is damaged, you might not require a full key replacement. We offer bespoke key repairs to help you keep the costs down. This could be repairing your key by re-shelling the original, cutting new blades or replacing buttons where possible.

DAMAGE FREE CaR ENTRY Stafford, Cannock, Uttoxeter

If you find yourself locked out of your vehicle for whatever reason, such as a worn, damaged or lost key, we can professionally gain entry into the vehicle. We have the skills and equipment to gain access to your vehicle without the need to break a window or damage any bodywork, which is a huge relief to our customers.

RE-PROGRAMMING NEW KEYS Stafford, Cannock, Uttoxeter

We stay at the forefront of vehicle technological advances and make sure we have state-of-the-art equipment. This means that at Automotive Locksmith Solutions Ltd, we can cut and programme new keys to your car on-site using market-leading programming equipment. Whether you have remote or non-remote vehicle keys, we can cut and reprogram them identically to your vehicle in no time.


Over time vehicle lock barrels begin to wear down with use. A worn lock barrel can cause them to stop working and render your vehicle either refuse to open or unable to safely and securely lock close.

We professionally replace worn parts within the lock. However, if required we replace the lock completely and match it to the current key. We are able to do this without the need to replace all locks on the vehicle. We can also change locksets if your key has been stolen and you want complete peace of mind by rendering the stolen key useless.

If you’re after a local and reliable mobile vehicle locksmith in Staffordshire and Stafford, South Staffordshire, East Staffordshire (ST16, ST17, ST18), Uttoxeter, Bramshall, Stramshall (ST14) and Cannock, Norton Canes, Hatherton (WS11), call us at Automotive Locksmith Solutions Ltd at 07862 141666. You can also email us at info@automotivelocksmithsolutions.co.uk or schedule a call back to discuss your requirements.

what our customers say about us

After accidently damaging our car key, we contacted Craig for help. He repaired the key very quickly and efficiently and at a reasonable cost. Would definitely recommend him.
Damaged Car Key
Craig came to fix my ignition barrel in my steering wheel last week, after he was recommended to me by my local Halfords. Great customer service, he messaged back quickly & great communication. He came to my work to fix the problem with my Nissan, and did a fab job. Highly recommend and would definitely contact again if I need a locksmith!
Damaged Ignition Barrel

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